Your look Hand Crafted…

We see the trends moving in a very beautiful way towards individuality.  Your hair is unique, and we love seeing how with the right cut and color, wonderful products, and simple hand styling your individuality can come to the forefront.  Fall trends are as diverse and colorful as you are, but the common theme is texture.

      The fall colors this year are deep and rich with soft highlights dancing throughout.  Whether it be a subtle eclipting color brightening around your face or dramatic contrasts of bold colors, there are so many beautiful trends to help bring YOU out!  Colorists are blending techniques and using their expertise and advanced artistry to bring out your personal “hair print.”

                “Hair is one of the best ways to express your individuality because it changes as you do.  Your hair seems to almost know your mood and express it before you do,” says Erin O’Tool, Creative Director at Natural Alternatives.  “What we are seeing right now is diversity like never before in hair, but underlying that diversity is this wonderful natural, loose, and simply crafted texture.”

“Your hair has its own identity, its own movement, and its individual expression.  We want to help you find it.”
-Erin O’Tool, Creative Director



Apply Aveda Pure Abundance Style prep and Aveda Thickening Tonic to wet hair. 
-Scrunch in your hands or twist to bring out more wave, and diffuse or air dry to bring out this beautiful natural texture. 
-Finish with Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo for more body and texture. 



Your Customized Color…

We are a salon that listens first and colors/cuts/styles later.  We offer our signature consultations because we want to get to know you, your lifestyle and the things that make you— well… you.  We’re here to guide you to the hair you truly desire and while that takes time, we promise it will be worth it. 

During your consultation, you can expect 100% of our attention.
Here’s what else you can expect:
We’ll want to know what you like. And what you really don’t like.
We’ll want to see your inspiration images, and we’ll share some of ours, too.
We’ll give you options— lots of options— on everything from the amount of time you’ll spend in the salon to the amount of money you’ll spend on the service.
We’ll give you a game plan on paper.  The conversation doesn’t have to end on color.  We are happy to talk cut, style, extensions, makeup, and more!


Beautiful color starts with healthy hair.

Aveda Botanical Hair and Scalp therapy treatments are the perfect
solution to dry and damaged hair.

Beautiful, healthy hair with no added weight.