“Our mission at Natural Alternatives is to serve our guests in a positive, creative, professional environment, to better their lives with exceptional service, and to promote home care that emphasizes wellness, beauty, and environmental awareness in a relaxing, healthy surrounding.”

Our business is about people; it’s about community, and it’s about offering a sanctuary for wellness and beauty. Our community is anyone that walks through our doors, whether it be to find employment or a new you. Sandy and Nica founded Natural Alternatives in 1992. After spending 30 years in the industry, they sought to bring a new approach and vision to the “Beauty Business.”

We believe in a beauty that accentuates your authentic self, both inside and out. We seek to provide balanced solutions to a busy life.

Our partnership with Aveda and our tribe of artists helps us provide the very best! We believe education is key. We are continually learning so that we can provide you with the best information to reach your fullest potential. We have a passion for our craft, and it shows in the care we take with every person with whom we connect.

Everyone has a vision of how they would love to look and feel; whether that starts with a massage to be more comfortable in your body, or a facial to bring vibrancy back to your skin, or even a new color and haircut. Our team thrives on the experience of making you feel great.

In a community where we all have different needs, we want to allow for all of those needs to be met. We have stylists who are fresh out of school and others who have been with us for over 20 years. We have clear pricing levels to reflect the experience of our staff and to fit your needs.