Learn more about summer rituals. Morning and nighttime rituals, Ayurvedic products, and discover your dosha to learn more about rituals that can benefit your overall health.

Schooool’s…. Out…for…SUMMER!!! & we are ready to fully express our highest selves. This month at NA, there’s a lot of chatter – with a good reason why!
Here’s the buzz; how to align with all of this abundant energy that nature is showcasing, protecting yourself from lakeside sunburns and creating at home rituals that will leave you feeling cooled, repaired, and radiant.
Show Our overall goal at Natural Alternatives is to align our habits, diet, and rituals with each season as it ebbs & flows. Simple choices like eating seasonal produce, rising with the sun, and creating cooling rituals, can help us feel more connected with nature and ourselves during these warmer days.
So, what is nature telling us this month? As spring is handing over the baton to summer, we see a beautiful transition of heat, fire, and expansion. Nature is at her peak of self expression as you may be awakened before sunrise by the songs of sweet birds.
Our longest days are just ahead of us, and this may tempt you to start your mornings before the heat begins to take over, indulge in peppermint tea, or join your community in the evening when things cool off. Establish a time that works best for your dosha to connect with nature in this season. Each dosha will react differently to this change in season, and it is important to understand your constitution. If you haven’t done so yet,

As lake days, river floats, and BBQ socials are filling up our summer schedule, we don’t want to forget our home rituals that keep us feeling connected. Here are two shifts that you can make in your morning and evening routines:
Before your morning meditation, apply Aveda’s Cooling Oil inside your wrists and at the base of your neck. Start your quiet time with a simple breathing technique called Ujjayi. We’ve included a video below to help get you started. As you breathe in, the cooling aroma will awaken your mind and help with microcirculation. Consider applying the Cooling Oil throughout your day as you transition in and out of the heat.

• The nighttime ritual is for those individuals with sun-exposed, tired hands and hair with brittle, split ends. This is the ultimate, botanical-packed duo that does all the work while you sleep. First, apply Aveda’s Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum to the backs of your hands. This restorative serum visibly improves the texture of your hands while you sleep. A hydrating plant blend plumps to visibly smooth fine lines.
Next, let’s create a shift in those split ends! Add the Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum to the ends of your hair, comb through, and rest! This will build bonds, repair all three layers of your hair, and reduce the appearance of split ends by 84% overnight, all powered by Nangai oil.

Pairing these two beautiful resources is a ritual gamechanger to help you repair your exterior as your body is restoring your interior.