Add-ons & Upgrades

Mini Facial15 minutes | $25
A quick facial cleanse, tone, and hydration customized to target your desired result.
Eye Treatment15 minutes | $20
A soothing experience to energize, hydrate, and moisturize the eye area using pressure points therapy.
Facial Gua Sha Add-On15 minutes | $20
A natural, alternative therapy involving repeated light pressure massage with a gua sha tool to boost circulation, tone facial muscles, and stimulate the immune system. With repeated and consistent treatment, benefits include improved skin tone and texture, reduced signs of aging, more sculpted facial contours, reduced sinus pressure, and increased lymphatic drainage. May be added to a Mini Facial, Facial, Plant Peel, or Stress Relieving Treatment service only.
Dermaplane Add-on15 min | $50
Manual exfoliation technique to remove dull surface skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face. May be added to a facial only.
Dual Exfoliation Hand Treatment30 minutes | $30
A facial for the hands to instantly improve tone, texture, and radiance for a more youthful appearance.