Our waxing treatments ensure that your skin is properly cared for both before and after hair removal, thus providing the best results with the highest level of comfort. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks outgrowth prior to waxing services and be sure to notify us of any prescription medications you are taking.

Please avoid sun exposure 24 hours before and after waxing services

Abdomen Wax$20
Back Wax$55+
Brow Wax$22
Chest Wax$50
Ear Wax$15
Facial Wax$50
Full Arm Wax$45
Full Leg Wax$80
Half Arm Wax$35
Half Leg Wax$50
Jawline Wax$20
Lip Wax$15
Lip & Brow Wax$35
Neckline Wax$15
Nose Wax$15
Toe Wax$12
Underarm Wax$32